Various Women Athletes in Olympics

Sports have been prominent in human civilization since ancient times. However, women were give the privilege to be a part of it on a later stage. Did you know that women took part in Olympics in the year 1900? Yes, only 22 women participated in the Olympic Games and that too for tennis and golf tournaments. Gradually, the participation has increased massively because of the awareness.
Following are the various famous women athletes that shined in Olympics throughout:

Larisa Latynina – with 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze medals
Birgit Schmidt-Fischer – with 8 Gold and 4 Silver medals
Jenny Thompson - with 8 Gold and 3 Silver medals
Vera Cáslavská – with 7 Gold and 4 Silver medals
Dara Torres - with 4 Gold and 4 Silver medals
Lyubov Yegorova - with 6 Gold and 3 Silver medals
Agnes Keleti – with 5 Gold and 3 Silver medals
Raisa Smetanina – with 4 Gold and 5 Silver medals
Polina Astakhova – with 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals
Natalie Coughlin – with 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals
Amy Van Dyken – with 6 Gold medals


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