Beauty Tips for Beautiful Hair

Everyone, primarily women expects beautiful, silky flowing hair. Unfortunately, this seems good to look but practically difficult to obtain and maintain. The primary function is to keep the scalp dirt free. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. Check out for oily or dry hair types. Remember excessive use of shampoo is harmful. Never forget to use conditioner after applying shampoo. A homemade remedy is to massage warm coconut oil on the scalp, up to the root hairs before applying shampoo. This way the essential nutrient is provided to the hair and prevents the scalp from drying, thus preventing dandruff.

Antioxidants, like warm green tea can be applied on the hair and dried for an hour before rinsing it. This way hair growth can be boosted and hair loss be prevented. Stress is a reason for this increased balding of men and women. So practice meditation, which calms the soul, reduces tension and thus restores hormonal balance. Always remember to use mild shampoo. Even applying egg in the hair works like a natural conditioner nourishing the hair with protein and moisturizing it.
Sunrays are harmful for your hair, so try to keep hair covered while going out in the sun. Mix half a cup honey with two tablespoon of olive oil and massage into clean damp hair and rinse after 20 minutes to have shiny silky hair. Aloe Vera brings the pH balance of the scalp to normal thus abruptly reduces hair fall. Its cleansing property cleans the scalp pores. Never go for grey hair colors as they simply induce more hair fall.

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