Beauty Treatments Go For The Gold

Diamonds, and pearls, and gold, oh my! New beauty treatments are cropping up for women, and the products are quite exquisite.

Gold is becoming a hot trend in beauty for 2015, and salons and stores are taking note. There is a store that uses 24-carat gold in its merchandise, and other places are even putting caviar, diamonds, and pearls into their products.

Style and fashion mavens have noticed that gold is making an appearance in everything from clothing to home décor. The metal and color can be seen on the runway, and now in your beauty items. Beauty experts tout gold's timeless appeal, as well as its association with sophistication and all things high-end.

Treatments using these luxurious products include a facial in which a mask of diamond dust is applied to the face. Other facials use masks of gold and mother of pearl to improve skin's pigmentation and prevent signs of aging. The ancient Chinese used pearls as a form of skincare, and beauticians claim that the roughness of diamonds makes it great for polishing.

As you might guess, beauty treatments featuring these luxe materials do not sell for cheap. For example, a jar of 24-karat liquid pearl lotion goes for $2,500, and will last you for only one month. Although it is pretty cool that the powdered lotion in the body becomes a liquid when applied to the skin, it still is a hefty price to pay for beauty. Even so, for those who can afford it, the treatments might help you awaken your inner goddess.


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