Best Hair Conditioners

The models in hair styling product ads with their smooth and silky hair make the ladies envy. Even they give all their effort to get similar hair, yet fall short to the ones like in those ads. Dry and nappy hair is the most common hair problem with almost every girl. Thereby, conditioner is an essential product for all.

TRESemme: When comes to conditioner girls’ first choice always will be TRESemme as they impress from the very first wash. It makes their hair smooth, frizz-free and easy to manage at just INR 80 for 100ml.
L’Oreal Professional Expert Serie: Another most preferred choice is L’Oreal Professional Expert which moisturizes and hydrates the hair making them soft and shiny. This leave-in conditioner repair damaged hair at an expensive price of INR 1469 for 150ml.  
Dove:  This conditioner furnishes a proper nourishment to hair. With an advanced treatment formula, it hydrates hair and make them stylish and shiny at a fancy rate of only INR 160 for 180ml.
Garnier Fructis: Its active fruit concentration nourishes dry and damaged hair making them strong, soft, smooth, shiny and healthy at a price of INR 130 for 180ml.
Himalaya : Enriched with natural aloe vera, yarrow chick pea, and sprout, Himalaya conditioner makes hair strong, smooth, silky and moisturize with a pleasant cooling effect at a pretty reasonable price of INR 130 for 200ml.
         These are the most popular products we see. However, you can also indulge yourself in some natural ingredients like banana, honey and olive oil deep conditioner, egg, yogurt and mayonnaise conditioner, orange, yogurt and coconut milk conditioner and so on. However, the final choice depends on the hair quality, requirement, and suitability.



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