Check Out This Everlasting bra

A Bra is one of the most important accessorizes to every girl. It defines the shape of our breasts, it makes them look better than they actually are, and that’s why women love it. What happens when the one we love is no longer useful because it is torn or ruined in any other way ?

Girls, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we will give you some tricks on how to make your bra everlasting.
When you decide to wash your bra, first thing you need to do is to buckle it. If you don’t do it, you may damage your bra, because it might get stuck to another piece of your clothing. So make sure you do it.

The best way to wash your bra is to do it manually, because in that way you will not damage it. In case you don’t want to, and you want to wash it in your machine, make sure you do it at low temperatures, without too strong centrifuge.

Buy a bag intended for your bra. That’s the rule that goes for every single piece of clothing you have. So you must have different bag for each group of clothing, such as your bra, socks…
Do not mix the colors, combine your bra with socks, panties, any other piece that has the same color as your bra. Because if you don’t do it, your bra may  “ change “ the color, and you don’t want that to happen.



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