Create a Boudoir and Sweep Any Man of His Feet!

When you are seducing a potential partner or want to spark up your relationship, transforming your bedroom into a boudoir is a must. It should feel comfortable and look sexy, and there are a few changes you can make which will sweep any man off their feet.

First of all, have a lush bed. The idea is to keep your man in it for as long as possible, so it has to be cozy and comfy at the same time. Go for linens which are either made of silk or cotton, and choose deep reds. They play a pivotal role in making your partner horny. Have lots of pillows around, so that yours or his head is always in a favorable position. However, do not go overboard with colors – you do not want to turn out mad.

When it comes to lighting, keep it dark. It is common knowledge that lighting is the main element of setting the scene. Have a few antique lamps around the room to avoid overhead lighting. This way you will keep the atmosphere mysterious and sexy at the same time. Invest into a few dimmer switches to impress. Another aspect of lighting is, of course, a candle, that is, many of them. You can place them on the windowsill or on the bedside table.

When you meet a guy after a night out, it is not always fun to jump straight to bed. That is why you should have a few larger pillows scattered around the floor. This can make the fun start at any given place of the room and really spice up the night.    


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