Does The Blush Brush Matter?

A quick answer is yes. The blush brush does matter. However, this does not mean that certain brushes are bad. Rather, all brushes are good for certain situations. 

The Small Brush

The small brush comes with a lot of density. Most women use this type of brush to put a single dot of color on their cheeks. This type of brush is good for getting an even amount of color and an even amount of blush on the face. This brush is also easy to take out and out away, which makes it even better to use. 

The Medium Brush

The medium brush is another great one. This is a step up from the small brush. It basically is used to put a dot of blush on the face, but this dot is bigger and filled with more color. This would definitely be good to use for darker colors and for women who want their blush to stand out most of the day and night. 

Large Brush

The large or angled brush is great, too. This is usually used for a specific design or to accomplish something on the face. For example, some Hollywood stars use this type of brush to have their blush stand out in certain places on their face. 

All of the brushes listed above are great for various reasons. One brush does not single out the next. However, it is important to know what needs to be accomplished so that the right brush is used all the time. 


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