Tattoo troubles

A study in the United States found that skin infections after getting a tattoo are a common problem. This study included 300 people, who were tattooed. Researchers asked them, did they have some skin related side effects after they got a tattoo. 10% of them had symptoms like pain and itching. Some people had these problems several months. Scientists believe that this should be monitored in order to get more information about troubles after tattooing.

Researchers from New York also asked questions about possible symptoms people had that are different than normal symptoms after getting a tattoo. These symptoms included: sensitivity to the sun, redness, allergies and skin infections. In 18 cases, symptoms lasted several months.

Prof Marie Leger from the New York University, said that tattooing usually doesn’t cause any problems. But in some cases it does, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms that may occur. Many things can go wrong with tattooing. For example, unregulated ink content and hygiene levels. 

Researchers are trying to conduct more studies that will prove how often these problems occur. Several studies were conducted in Europe as well. These findings suggest that the number of people, having problems after getting a tattoo is even higher. Many countries, like England, for example, don’t have reporting systems. Tattoo artists in some parts of England must apply for a license, before they can offer their tattoos. Even with a license, those people don’t have any mandatory courses. 

According to the NHS advices, people who want to get a tattoo, should check a license of a studio they want to use and to see is it clean and well-maintained.


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