Dancing with the Stars crowns winner of season 22

Nyle Dimarco is the winner of season 22 of “Dancing with the Stars.” He stated that the number 22 is his lucky number. After winning season 22, he was successful in purchasing his own house. He has also won the 22nd season of “America’s Next Top Model”. This the only reason for which he declared that 22 is his lucky number. Nyle was very emotional after being presented with the trophy.

Paige VanZant is the runner-up for the season. She said that she was also influenced and was impressed by the dance skills of Nyle. She said that his dancing was so amazing that she deserved the second position. His dance not only impressed judges but the other dancers and the audience as well. Ginger Zee was the third position holder. According to her, she was having problems with a bad pelvic injury which did not allow her to dance her best. She also admired Nyle for his dancing ability and said that he deserved the trophy.

Nyle is 27 years old and is a model, an actor, and an activist for the hearing impaired. He had been doing freelance modeling when he was selected to compete in “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22,” which he won in 2015. No one knew that he was deaf. He signed with New York’s modeling agency Wilhelmina Models.

The following year he was asked to be part of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars – Season 22.” His dance partner was Peta Murgatroyd. He is the only male to have won this competition and the only deaf person in the show’s history to ever compete.

In 2016, he is scheduled to be included in the comedy series “Difficult People.” This man’s star is rising!




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