Bite Into Sweet-Potatoes For A Diet Rich In Potassium

The good news for those with a heart ailment is that they can control their situation simply by pushing up the amount of potassium salts ingested and pulling down the sodium salts you tend to ingest on a daily basis. This way, you become 21 per cent less likely to develop a heart disorder.

Potassium does the job of a guard for the blood vessels when it comes to damage from oxidation. It helps in maintaining the appropriate thickness of the arteries and veins. It is very important for all adults battling with heart diseases to pump in at least 7,700 mg of potassium everyday. It is not advised to take up a supplement unless prescribed by a physician. Excessive potassium can be detrimental to health.

If you are really interested in boosting potassium intake, do think of the natural route. Eating sweet potatoes is gong to help a lot because they are the richest in potassium content. You can expect a dose of 694 mg of potassium from a single sweet potato. Alternatively, you can find as much as 337 mg of potassium in 100 g of sweet potato. There are a host of other benefits too like there is to be a lot of fiber, and carbohydrates found in a sweet potato.

The best thing about  sweet-potatoes is that they  can be consumed in baked form or they can be grilled, and they are going to taste as good and give equally good results. You can be sure of biting into the most yummy and healthy food you ever set your eyes on.

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