Better Results by Alternating Vigorous and Moderate Intensity Exercises

The intensity of the exercise refers to the rate at which the person performs it. The intensity of the activity depends on the person’s previous experience and one’s fitness level. At present, people choose vigorous-intensity exercises to achieve their fitness goals.


However, experts suggest alternating vigorous and moderate intensity exercises to maximize the benefits of one’s workout. Alternating from two levels of intensity can improve health, assist in the recovery from heart disease, and become fit.


Runners and professional athletes alternate vigorous and moderate exercises for their fitness training. They go through short periods of intense workouts with periods of low-intensity exercises to make their heart rate reach a point where it can’t go higher.


Studies show that people with heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions can benefit from interval training. It is the ideal workout for patients who suffered from heart failure. This type of workout is more effective in improving their aerobic capacity than moderate exercises.


Effects of Alternating Vigorous and Moderate Intensity Exercises


Alternating between different intensities will force the heart to pump more blood with every beat. It makes the heart become stronger and more efficient. The practice can also provide a psychological boost because it makes athletes more confident about their speed. It also provides a variety of their workout routines.


You should consider doings equal portions of active recovery and intense exercises. To start, you can do 30 seconds of each. Each interval can get longer as your fitness level improves. For each workout, you should do five to ten intervals. Two to three workouts each week are enough to get good results. Back-to-back workouts can stress the muscles and worsen sleep quality without improving your performance. Alternating the level of intensity during the workout can maximize results.

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