How Cholesterol Can Ruin Our Fitness

Nowadays our life has become really hectic and we are living in an era where we have no time to take care of our health. The only thing that drives us is money and as a result we wake up early in the morning only to rush to our workplace where we work like crazy, eat junk and skip every kind of physical activity. Even on weekends we don’t do anything for our health and prefer to get drunk and eat more junk with our friends and family.

This lifestyle can be very dangerous for our health as it can expose us to the risk of high cholesterol.Cholesterol may not seem like a very big thing but if it is neglected and not brought down at the right time then it can cause severe health problems. It is a common misconception that the problem of high cholesterol relates only to obese people. In reality cholesterol has nothing to do with the weight of the person and it actually depends on our eating habits and how we burn what we eat.

There are actually two kinds of cholesterol. The first one is good and the second one is dangerous. People need to have the first kind of cholesterol if they want to stay healthy. Research has shown that almost seventy five percent of the world’s population has increased levels of cholesterol and the higher the rate of this problem the greater there is a risk of heart attacks among people.



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