How Dangerous Is Over-Training, and What Are the Signs?

As with most things in life, moderation is key. However, there are those people who feed off the adrenaline and crave for better performance and results. Did you know that over-training is a thing? Sometimes you may feel compelled to push yourself harder, to be the best version of you, but overtraining will cause you more harm than good. There is a difference between post work out fatigue and overtraining syndrome. Overtraining will not only predispose you to a higher risk of injury, but it may cause hormonal imbalance and problems in women and girls. There are two types of overtraining

Monotonous Program Overtraining

This is when repetition of the same movement such as weight lifting causes a stagnation in performance due to adaptation of the central nervous system because of lack of stimulation.

Chronic Overwork Training

This is when an individual is training with too high volume and intensity and they are not allowing their bodies enough time for recovery.

Signs of Overtraining

Extended Muscle Fatigues and Soreness

After a workout, it is normal to have sore muscles for a day or two following a work out session. If you are sore 72 hours after the work out, then it is a sign that your muscles are not recovering, as they should. You ought to schedule a break from your work out routine.

Increased Injury

Are your injuries becoming more frequent to the point of aggravating past injuries, then you are overtraining. When you over train, your body do not get enough time to recuperate in between workouts and before long, you will be training in a weakened state. This will lead to a higher risk of injuries, and you need to add moments of forced rest into your routines. You could also change the training intensity and take up active recuperation exercises such as sports, which are different from high intensity workouts such as cardo and weights lifting.

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