What Three Exercises Can You Do to Reduce the Pain of a Sore Rotator Cuff?

Shoulder injuries can be very painful. Most people choose medications to deal with the pain. You can also try the three exercises below to help reduce the soreness and at the same time prevent the loss of range of motion. The best thing about the exercises is that you can do them in the comfort of your home.


1. Doorway Stretch


a. The first step is to stand in an open doorway with your arms spread out to the side.

b. Hold on the sides of the doorway with your hands below or at shoulder height. Slowly lean forward until you feel your arms stretching.

c. Make sure that you keep your back straight as you shift your entire weight to your toes. Be careful not to overstretch your arms and shoulder muscles.       


2. Pendulum Exercise


a. Stand to the side of a chair, railing, or table with the hand of the uninjured arm holding the object to maintain your balance.

b. Lean forward while keeping your back straight and allowing the injured arm to hang freely. Then move the arm back and forward.

c. While keeping the same position, move the arm from side to side.

d. While still in the same position, move your arm around in a clockwise motion. Then after a couple of minutes, move it in a counterclockwise motion.

e. Repeat the exercise with your other arm.


3. High to Low Rows


a. You will need a resistance band for this exercise. Attach the resistance band to a sturdy object that’s above shoulder height. Make sure that it will not come lose when you pull on it.

b. Kneel down with the knee on the same side of the injured arm touching the ground, and the other knee raised. Make sure that the lowered knee is aligned with your body. Place your uninjured hand on the other knee.

c. While holding the resistance bank with the arm stretched out, pull the elbow towards you. Make sure that your back is straight. You should not twist your arm or move your body while pulling the band.

d. Return to starting position and repeat for three sets of ten.


These three exercises can help reduce the pain of a sore rotator cuff. You can also consult your doctor or physical therapist for more exercises that will fit your goals and needs.   

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