Amazing Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls

One of the most fun things about being a teenager, especially if you are in your late teens is the fact that you are allowed to put on makeup. Since makeup is essentially an art, there are some application tips which you ought to bear in mind in order to not make a mess of it.

Moisturize your Face prior to Foundation Application

Learn to moisturize your face very well before you apply foundation over it. This is crucial. The application of moisturizer prior to foundation application will enable to the foundation to blend well with the color of your skin in a matter of minutes.

Use Lip Liner prior to Applying Lip Stick

Use a lip liner and draw out your lips before you apply lipstick. This too is very important. By using a lip liner, you can get to avoid the lip stick from smudging the area around your lips especially if you are using a lip color that comes with a mat base.

Opt for an Eye Pencil instead of Eye Liner for Easier Application

Use an eye pencil instead of an eye liner. It is easier to draw out your eyes with this if you are learning to put on makeup for the first time ever. 


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