Cute short haircuts

Short hairstyles look cute, but women who wear them are even cuter. Those who wear these hairstyles reveal their nape, face and neck, which means they are confident and beautiful women. There are many nice hairstyles for short hair. These are just some of them.
Slight Incline frames the face well. In order to have that feminine shape, you will have to add graduation in the back.

If you want this hairstyle, you will have to:
1.Apply a styling product on your wet hair.
2.Brush your hair on the nape area. Remember to brush it side to side against your head shape. Follow your brush with a blow dryer nozzle. The rest of the hair should be brushed with a round (medium) brush.
3.When you are done, apply a product for texture

The recommended hair product is Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Sculpting Foam. This hairstyles look great on women with any face shape, but it is best for those with fine to medium hair. Add a highlight to the surface of the graduation in order to have appearance with more volume. Remember that dark colors make things smaller and light colors make things appear bigger. So, if you want to have a lighter surface appear bigger, leave the underneath darker.

Long Pixie brings emphasis to the eyes. Those disconnected sides will make it more feminine.
1.Apply styling product on your hair (wet).
2.Brush your hair side to side and follow it with a blow dryer nozzle.
3.Finish it with a flexible hold spray.

Super Clean Spray by Paul Mitchell is definitely a product you should use. Women with heart face shape should avoid this haircut.



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