Hollywood in the Fifties

If we are talking about glamour, a lot of people will think of the 50s, because style back then was pretty much different, and you got a feeling like women were more feminine.

That glamour and style is still popular among celebrities today. Fifties were a time of beauty and style, and also a time of seductiveness and mystery.
Men at that time, actors for example were simply dashing and handsome. Beauty back then wasn't that important as it is today.
You could have a rather plain person, wearing an amazing dress, that will make her look captivating, and that was the whole point.
It was all about the dress and the attitude you had, not particularly about the beautiful face or amazing body.

One of the most famous women, popular for her beauty, style and of course glamour is of course Grace Kelly.
She wore couture gowns, designed by Dior and Balenciaga, which along with her beautiful face, blonde hair and fair skin gave her the utmost elegance and glamour.

Who were the other celebrities, also famous for their beauty and style ? We must not forget to mention these astonishing ladies and Hollywood movie stars like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and of course Elizabeth Taylor.

There is one special lady we wanted to mention, she is still considered as one of the most beautiful women ever, it is Marilyn Monroe. She was recognized for her blonde hair, curvaceous figure and her bubbly character. What she managed to do was something not many women can do today.

Marilyn was sexy and sensual and glamorous at the same time, without being trashy. Simply those were the days that will not come back, only maybe in traces.


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