How to Preserve your Shoes

Women’s favorite accessorize are definitely shoes and a lot of them aspire to be new Carrie Bradshaw.
It is not so easy to become one since it seems like she literally owns every shoe in the world, but still it doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t preserve yours from any damage.
So it doesn’t matter whether you ruin old or new ones, you always have that feeling like you’ve lost something big and important, so that’s why we will give you some tips just to help you to keep them safe.

The best thing you can do for your shoes is to make some sort of prevention from any kind of damage.
You will do that by applying using different forms of protection, and by protection we mean: cream for leather, different sprays for shoes, etc.
Do not wear your shoes two days in the row, because like with everything else they need break.

In that way, your shoes will be able to “recover” from long walks and you will be able to preserve them from any disasters.
Untie your shoe laces before you take off your shoes. A lot of people tend to forget that or are too lazy to do it, but it is very important for you to untie shoelaces before you take off your shoes.

If you have more than one pair of shoes, once you take them off do not throw them into the closet, because they will hit another pair of shoes and scratch them, so instead of throwing them, simply place them gently.
And when you have time, take your shoes and nicely sort them.


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