How to select the perfect Fedora

Everybody wants to wear that perfect fedora that will complement their outfit and make it seem classier than ever. However, when it comes to choosing fedoras our mind is boggled by the type, the feel, and the color of it all. Most of the time we end buying a fedora for one outfit yet we can’t use it to mix and match with our other ones. Now again you feel that your attire is complete without the fedora and you end up buying more. But don’t you worry, here are a couple tips that you can use when you choose to buy a fedora so that they go will all your outfits.

The most common misconception while buying a fedora is that it has to fight perfectly. A fedora is a very casual hat and you can’t really wear it when you want to go for those long bike rides. It is an accessory for parties hence it doesn’t have to fit you perfectly. When buying a fedora, buy it in one size larger than you head so there is some room for some air. Also so that it won’t look tight and when you take it off your hair won’t seem like you just took a shower. Also, buy a color that complements your skin tone and not your dress code. If you buy a fedora that is useful for only one color type then you are already restricting that complete look. When it comes to type, it’s better to choose a felt texture rather a straw one because a felt fedora can even be okay in a formal dinner party whereas a straw one will look out of place.

All in all, Fedoras are great and if you really want to buy follow the above guidelines so you can always look classy.


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