Warning signs of Skinny jeans

It has been researched that skinny jeans can damage muscles and nerves of people. In the Neurology Journal, a 35-year woman had cut a pair of calf when it had become greater in size. She had spent many hours to empty all the cupboards for moving in Australia. By evening, she found that she was feeling discomfort in walking and her feet had become numb. When she went to the doctors, they said that they suffered from compartment syndrome and it got worse if skinny jeans were worn. Compartment Syndrome can be really painful and this condition is characterised by bleeding or swelling within muscles in the calves. When she was affected by this condition, she was more likely to trip and fall and she was not able to get up and spend many hours sitting on the ground.

 The Royale Adelaide Hospital found that her lower leg became swollen. Her feet were found to be warm with sufficient supply of blood but her muscles had become very weak and had lost sensation. Pressure was created in the lower legs and her muscles and nerves had become damaged. She was not being able to walk for four days without any help. A number of case had developed numb thighs that was enhanced by a low-cut denim trouser. It was found that it occurred in most slim people. People are advised to avoid people from being in the same position for a longer time on wearing skinny jeans. 


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