How to lose Belly Fat Naturally

If one has tried the latest diet fad and the hope of ending up with a flat belly has diminished then one can try the “Sassy Water “named after Cynthia Sass, the nutritionist.

Ingredients for this wonder drink are 8 glasses of water, 1tsp ginger root,1 medium sized cucumber peeled and sliced,1 lemon sliced into pieces , 12 fresh mint leaves and 1tsp dried mint.

All the ingredients should be mixed in a large bowl and left overnight in the fridge. This drink should be consumed 4-5 glasses during the day.

Regular consumption of this wonder drink helps the digestive system and reduces bloating. The drink can be had from morning before the breakfast and continued thereafter.

One should follow a moderate exercise regimen to get better results coupled with a positive approach to losing weight. It is said that this method helps lose weight rapidly, but one should follow a disciplined routine.

This drink is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers or people suffering stomach problems or allergy to the above mentioned ingredients.

The natural method of losing weight is so much better than opting for cosmetic surgery .This method also gives an opportunity to stay fit through exercise to ensure one does not end up with belly fat again.

Nutritionists say that from the moment one has the first glass; the difference can be felt as the body feels fresh and energetic. One feels like having lost 1 pound after the first two hours. One can also say “Cheers” without a hiccup for this healthy drink.

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