Mistakes with vitamin supplements

Many people use vitamin supplements. But also many of them make certain mistakes. Because we all believe they are 100% healthy, we think that there is no a single drawback about them. According to research in the US, taking more than recommended amounts of beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin E, can increase the risk of cancer! This research started 20 years ago, when scientists wanted to determine why people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables have less cancer.

Also, they wanted to know can vitamin supplements do the same. They found that taking beta-carotene may increase risk of cancer and heart disease among people who drink heavily or smoke. Folic acid may increase the number of polyps in a colon. If you are taking vitamin supplements, you should know that more isn’t better. For example, vitamin C is good for our immune system, so taking too much should be even better, but it isn’t. Overdoing with any nutrient may cause certain health risks.

It can damage the DNK as well. In order to prevent this, always took vitamin supplements in amounts that are recommended. In order to have a healthy diet, you must have a recommended intake of: minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, healthy carbs, fats, fiber, protein and fluid. If you have a higher intake of just one nutrient you won’t achieve anything. Vitamin supplements won’t help you if you eat too much or skip meals. Simply said, they aren’t a solution for your diet. Also, if you think that natural is 100% safe, you are wrong. For example, kava (used as a sleep aid) is linked to liver toxicity.



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